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Exclusive DesignExclusive Design
Internet solutions specifically for business and commerceInternet solutions specifically for business and commerce
Maximum attention to each clientMaximum attention to each client
More than 10 years of stable and efficient operationMore than 10 years of stable and efficient operation
The rich experience of practical workThe rich experience of practical work
Their own software developmentTheir own software development
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Our customers
/files/clients/ebf10ef21c8db22482d5610f07929d31.jpgFGUP «the All-Russia Institute of sports-technical Products»
/files/clients/7ed0311e29e36dca7c5f1e07d37c4138.gifMPRK "GRAS"
/files/clients/a66d3e1bfefd78e4a81de1b82eb94f29.gif«Biserovsky ribokombinat»
/files/clients/6ea4573974f42c20deaf50d01d549da4.gif«Complexnoe reshenie»
/files/clients/8d3f4124388507228db134d32dbf2060.gif«Electrica МК»
/files/clients/8cc16aeaa0d8d3bbc24abaad504cb7ea.gif«Gorod Instrumenta»
/files/clients/9cc00c6695fe6c9fbf2f3dd828cd57a9.gif«Mir igrushki»
/files/clients/32d03b1abbc88c57293cd2686fdea2b7.gif«Mir Luxa»
/files/clients/b02655874bd0f1da21a3696f8cbc829c.gif«Moscow Uridicheskiy Center»
/files/clients/2101d4fa5b2ff5233cb24f38a258278c.gif«Moy Domashniy Magazin»
/files/clients/fa334272e7a9253ae084eff3335de113.gif«Service ККМ»
/files/clients/54fbb0a3c792955aae12cfacef075d5e.gif«Zona Parketa»
Статьи и публикации
Заказать интернет-магазин или в чем актуальность такой площадки?
У всех предпринимателей в сфере торговли на слуху эти слова – заказать интернет магазин. За последние четыре года объемы продаж в интернете выросли более чем в два раза.
Стоимость создания интернет-магазина и пакеты услуг
Каждый заказчик должен понимать, что стоимость создания интернет-магазина формируется под влиянием различных факторов. Разработка интернет-ресурса, а тем более онлайн-шопа, требует внушительных затрат времени, средств.
Создать сайт магазин как не трудозатратный способ увеличения капитала
Интернет-технологии сегодня настолько развиты, что создать сайт магазин, который станет инструментом постоянного финансового потока, не составит труда даже начинающему предпринимателю.
Как создать интернет магазин: варианты и возможности
В сфере продаж ниша, занимаемая интернет-магазинами, постоянно увеличивается. Такой бизнес организовать проще и дешевле, чем офф-лайн торговлю, а его скорость его окупаемости намного выше.
Тенденции развития рынка интернет-технологий в области создания сайтов.
На сегодняшний день, развитие интернет-технологий не стоит на месте и усовершенствуется с каждым днем. Создавая новый сайт, хороший специалист всегда будет учитывать самые важные показатели: структуру и удобство сайта, возможность просматривать в любых браузерах, а также наличие мобильной версии. После проведения анализа сайтов-конкурентов, приступаем к непосредственному созданию сайта и выбору технологии, по которой будет проводиться работа.

Manufacturing of sites, creation the shop Internet, working out the Internet of catalogues and corporate sites.

100 % the individual solutions for the Internet - our profile!

You are welcomed by company "SAVsolution" - the profile developer of the individual solutions for the Internet of various level of complexity specially for business!

We stably and effectively introduce the newest technologies in the field of manufacturing of sites and their search optimisation since 2002. Company primary activity is conducted in following directions:


Internet sites specially for business and trade

We concern not numerous number of the companies which create, advance and advertise Internet sites specially for business and trade.
It means:

  • As much as possible comfortable conditions for the organisations and individual businessmen;
  • Personal working out of the solutions for the Internet for each separate business problem;
  • Accurate observance of terms of performance of works (frequently, with a schedule advancing);
  • Presence of the thought over structure and logic of construction of mutual relations with clients;
  • Instalments possibility on payments;
  • Openness of all processes mentioning creation the Internet of shops and all other Internet sites of our clients, and also simple possibility of control of performance;
  • Granting of essential discounts to regular customers and partners, up to working out of Internet sites free of charge.

The maximum quality and the shortest terms of working out of sites

Presence of a wide experience in creation and introduction of the solutions for the Internet, fulfilled, completely documentary mechanism of interaction with clients, and also constant studying of a consumer demand for internet technologies at the international level, have allowed us to offer as much as possible effective and universal decisions for legal bodies and private businessmen. Such decisions do not demand considerable time for manufacturing and realisation of web sites and reduce financial expenses of customers. In particular, working out of the electronic catalogue of production/services, the E-commerce shop or site-cut-away with the unique, highly detailed design of a class the VIP and management system the maintenance, can be carried out in record-breaking short term - from 15 days.

Manufacturing of effective sites is labour-consuming, multistage process, demanding from developers not only professional skills, but also presence of the attentive relation to requirements and wishes of customers. Company "SAVsolution" is group of professionals in spheres of design, programming, management, designing and introduction of the newest technologies that allows us to guarantee the highest quality of all spectrum of offered services. 


The differentiated solutions for the Internet for each business

We aspire to provide requirements of various spheres and scale of business and we do it differentially.

For example, for the individual businessman or the small company (small-scale business), we can offer creation of a site of cut-away (a site mini representations). At their use set of our clients have already risen on higher level of trade, having started to sell in the Internet, to open new commodity markets for the product and services (having found new clients, suppliers and partners), having saved thus money resources.

For the companies of an average and large link, we are ready to create the Internet shop or to make a site the catalogue of production and services which are capable to tell in the unique image about all nomenclature of the goods/services of clients and to offer it to sale. Or a highly effective corporate site, representing information system of the company in several languages or uniting its representations and partners in various regions of the country or the world.

There is a set of various variants for concrete business problems in the Internet.

Be assured, we can find the individual decision approaching for you and to realise it as much as possible effectively.

Effective assistance to business and trade in the Internet

At the reference in company "SAVsolution", we will render full support and assistance in all questions of the newest technologies arising in connection with application in business and Internet trade, beginning from consultations by phone and finishing training of employees of the companies-clients. 


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Contact us to receive all particulars and to receive free consultation under the solutions for the Internet for business!




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Address, we will be glad with you to co-operate!

+7 (495) 223-92-80
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Effective Internet solutions specifically for the business
Special offers
Reserve individual working out of a site at a discount! Learn all about our special offers!
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