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/files/clients/ebf10ef21c8db22482d5610f07929d31.jpgFGUP «the All-Russia Institute of sports-technical Products»
/files/clients/7ed0311e29e36dca7c5f1e07d37c4138.gifMPRK "GRAS"
/files/clients/a66d3e1bfefd78e4a81de1b82eb94f29.gif«Biserovsky ribokombinat»
/files/clients/6ea4573974f42c20deaf50d01d549da4.gif«Complexnoe reshenie»
/files/clients/8d3f4124388507228db134d32dbf2060.gif«Electrica МК»
/files/clients/8cc16aeaa0d8d3bbc24abaad504cb7ea.gif«Gorod Instrumenta»
/files/clients/9cc00c6695fe6c9fbf2f3dd828cd57a9.gif«Mir igrushki»
/files/clients/32d03b1abbc88c57293cd2686fdea2b7.gif«Mir Luxa»
/files/clients/b02655874bd0f1da21a3696f8cbc829c.gif«Moscow Uridicheskiy Center»
/files/clients/2101d4fa5b2ff5233cb24f38a258278c.gif«Moy Domashniy Magazin»
/files/clients/fa334272e7a9253ae084eff3335de113.gif«Service ККМ»
/files/clients/54fbb0a3c792955aae12cfacef075d5e.gif«Zona Parketa»
Статьи и публикации
Заказать интернет-магазин или в чем актуальность такой площадки?
У всех предпринимателей в сфере торговли на слуху эти слова – заказать интернет магазин. За последние четыре года объемы продаж в интернете выросли более чем в два раза.
Стоимость создания интернет-магазина и пакеты услуг
Каждый заказчик должен понимать, что стоимость создания интернет-магазина формируется под влиянием различных факторов. Разработка интернет-ресурса, а тем более онлайн-шопа, требует внушительных затрат времени, средств.
Создать сайт магазин как не трудозатратный способ увеличения капитала
Интернет-технологии сегодня настолько развиты, что создать сайт магазин, который станет инструментом постоянного финансового потока, не составит труда даже начинающему предпринимателю.
Как создать интернет магазин: варианты и возможности
В сфере продаж ниша, занимаемая интернет-магазинами, постоянно увеличивается. Такой бизнес организовать проще и дешевле, чем офф-лайн торговлю, а его скорость его окупаемости намного выше.
Тенденции развития рынка интернет-технологий в области создания сайтов.
На сегодняшний день, развитие интернет-технологий не стоит на месте и усовершенствуется с каждым днем. Создавая новый сайт, хороший специалист всегда будет учитывать самые важные показатели: структуру и удобство сайта, возможность просматривать в любых браузерах, а также наличие мобильной версии. После проведения анализа сайтов-конкурентов, приступаем к непосредственному созданию сайта и выбору технологии, по которой будет проводиться работа.

Creation the shop Internet

Opening the Internet of shops, essentially simplifies and accelerates development of trading networks at the expense of reduction of costs of the companies. In particular, to start work there is no necessity to rent scale trading-exhibition area under salons-shops, to contain considerable states of the operating and providing personnel.

Internet shop - the most effective tool of sales

Unlike a corporate site or a site-catalogue, the created Internet shop not only gives possibility of the publication of the data about the goods or services, but also allows to order them in a mode of real time. At work with Internet shop remoteness of the buyer from the seller is of secondary importance, since the information on products / services being on other end of the world, can be found within one minute and is presented in as much as possible full kind. Delivery of the goods ordered through Internet shop is one of conclusive advantages before usual shops - has no value as warehouse or office premises of the seller from a place of acquisition of the goods far settle down, the visitor of Internet shop after registration of the demand can count on its performance during one - two days.

Examples of the created Internet shops in company «SAVsolution»

To order the Internet shop in our company the organisation of any field of activity, scale and level can. However, concerning all clients, the prior problem for us is granting of the professional, effective, fulfilled decisions for business development in the Internet.

Компания "Русские Традиции"


Создание Интернет магазина компании «Дагмар»

Создание Интернет магазина компании «Накидной»

Создание Интернет магазина компании «СинкайАвто»

Создание Интернет магазина компании «ТопФерм»

Создание Интернет магазина компании «Элит Стайл"»

Создание Интернет магазина компании Евро Обвувь

Создание Интернет-магазина AllCummins

Working out of a site for the company "Shtrih Elit Servis"

Working out of Internet shop for the company "Novital Group"

Разработка Интернет-магазина FashionElectro

Создание Интернет магазина компании ТФК ЗИЛ

Создание Интернет-магазина ДомПостель

Создание Интернет-магазина Канада-Спорт

Создание Интернет-магазина Ленди Партс

Разработка Интернет-магазина СмартСтитч

Создание Интернет магазина компании «Викар»

Working out of Internet shop for the company "Mir Luxa"

Internet shop TruckAccess creation

Working out of Internet shop for company "Motordetal"

Creation of Internet shop for company "SpetsAvtoZapchast"

Creation of Internet shop for the company "Mir Zapchastey"

Creation of Internet shop for the company «TD the Gruzovic-auto»

At the expense of specially made modules of integration of Internet shop with the company program «1С», the considerable part of the information containing in the catalogue of the goods of the Internet site (the prices, photo galleries of the goods, technical characteristics and it is much another) is updated automatically in a mode of real time that allows to support an urgency of the data at as much as possible high level.

Creation of Internet shop for the company "FotonKomTrans"

Now the company Internet shop is the effective remedy of advertising and, simultaneously, a point of sale of the spare parts, the accompanying goods for commercial cars of foreign manufacturers. Having left behind other advertising media and advancements (for example, a print advertising, advertising on radio, outdoor advertising etc.)

Creation of Internet shop for car centre "Koleso"

Thanks to individual integration of Internet shop of company "Koleso" with programs «1С» from different regions of Russia, in a round-the-clock mode, all goods offered by the company became accessible to visitors to the order online. The given trading solution for the Internet positively has affected turns of the company and has increased recognition of its brand among end users.

Working out of a site for company "Exiders"

Developed in «SAVsolution», on the instructions of company management «Detali Gruzovicov», the Internet shop is as much as possible effective and convenient tool of trade in spare parts and accessories in the Internet. "The easy" design and carefully thought over structure and функционал Internet shop have allowed the company to leave on new level of sale of the goods which is not limited now to territorial and time frameworks.

Creation of Internet shop for "Tehnomart"

In details thought over functional and convenience of use by buyers of Internet shop "Technomart", and also the bright colour score has allowed the company to leave on a maximum level of sale of electronics through a network the Internet and has repeatedly raised recognition of a brand. Now electronic company shop - one of the most serious players in the market of consumer electronics.

Создание интернет-магазина компании

Use of exclusive, well remembered design registration of Internet shop companies "Konfic" optimised and convenient structure of the catalogue of the goods, and also application of tools of advertising and advancement in search engines has allowed to reach excellent financial results for the company and actually to create business from "zero".

Creation of Internet shop for company "Unik"

Company "Unik" Internet shop thanks to exclusive and not to standard design, and also the thought over structure, essentially in a new fashion and favourably differs from the competitors. Thanks to what the company managed to occupy an essential part of the market of sales «perfumery production in the Internet» and to create own network of sale.

Manufacturing of Internet shop for the company «Moi Domashniy Magazin»

Created companies "SAVsolution", the Internet shop, is an effective electronic trading platform for sale of the goods of perfumery production, dry goods, accessories, hours that is confirmed by essential volume of orders and quantity of interested clients daily and repeatedly visiting a site.

Internet shop creation «Gorod Instrumenta»

The company E-commerce shop «Gorod Instrumenta» became low-cost and highly effective means of development of the trading company of initial level. For the short period, thanks to the thought over structure, qualitative both functional design and search optimisation the E-commerce shop left in leaders of the segment both on attendance target audience, and on turns of sales of tools.

Creation of an e-commerce shop for company "Avtobel-M"нтернет-магазина для компании «Автобел-М»

Thanks to start of the E-commerce shop, company "Avtobel-M" sale have considerably increased. Introduction of a new source of demands for delivery of spare parts has positively affected trading activity of the company and efficiency of its work. Now processes of registration and processing of references are carried out as fast as possible in completely automatic mode. Thus all information necessary for buyers is on the Internet resource of the company 24 hours, 7 days in a week.

Creation of an e-commerce shop for company "VOSTOKTEHNO"и «ВостокТехно»

Experts «SAVsolution» create as much as possible informative E-commerce shop allowing effectively to inform potential customers about all assortment of production and representing possibility to do online the order of an unlimited number of the goods. Use of a trading platform has allowed company "VOSTOKTEHNO" to find set of new customers and partners in the Network.

E-commerce shop creation «Mir Igrushki»

Creation of the E-commerce shop of the company «Mir Igrushki» became the major composed success in business as with its help the company has declared itself, the beginnings of sale of offered production among a wide range of persons. Thanks to the thought over structure of the catalogue, the convenient form of the order and thematic design registration, purchase of toys through the E-commerce shop became accessible to all groups of buyers, even to people of the senior generation.

Manufacturing of the E-commerce shop for company "AllianceGroup"

Company "AllianceGroup" Internet site - one of successful examples of the effective solution for the Internet from company "SAVsolution". The Unique feature of purchase of the goods and with use of means of "virtual balance» or payment with a delay, involves set of clients on a site. The individual system specially developed taking into account features of business processes by "AllianceGroup", forms the general price-list of the goods of several documents which arrive in the company together with production of different suppliers.

Versions and cost the Internet of shops

Aspiring to find the maximum mutual understanding with clients, we have developed special offers at cost of creation the Internet of shops and to terms of works. In particular, you can receive a discount to 20 % on working out of Internet shop full-function and ready to work with unique highly detailed the design, the thought over structure convenient and a simple control system.


Order Internet shop creation now and receive an additional discount of 5%!

Presence of long-term experience in sphere of Internet technologies for business and constant studying of requirements of the clients, wishing to open the Internet shop, allow us to create trading sites as much as possible qualitatively and quickly. Thus, efficiency of their use is recognised by a considerable quantity of happy clients.
Having ordered Internet shop in company "SAVsolution", you receive the ready decision for realisation of production and services through a global Network!

Distinctive features of Internet shops created by us

  • The exclusive, highly detailed design of Internet shop the VIP of a class - possibility to be allocated from set of homogeneous sites at the expense of uniqueness of graphic elements, their arrangement, colours and the shades which have been picked up for your site;
  • Professionally created and thought over structure of Internet shop thanks to which it will be convenient to visitors to do orders;
  • Intuitively clear control system of the Internet shop, which use will not cause difficulties in managers;
  • Possibility of individual automation of Internet shop with programs «1С» for as much as possible fast updating of the information in the catalogue of your shop;
  • Possibility of mailing of the information on new production or services, special offers only to target visitors-buyers;
  • As much as possible fast maintenance of feedback through the Internet site with buyers / customers;Free support and consultation of the clients, that number service «Consultation on business dealing in the Internet».

The maintenance of versions of Internet shops


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