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/files/clients/ebf10ef21c8db22482d5610f07929d31.jpgFGUP «the All-Russia Institute of sports-technical Products»
/files/clients/7ed0311e29e36dca7c5f1e07d37c4138.gifMPRK "GRAS"
/files/clients/a66d3e1bfefd78e4a81de1b82eb94f29.gif«Biserovsky ribokombinat»
/files/clients/6ea4573974f42c20deaf50d01d549da4.gif«Complexnoe reshenie»
/files/clients/8d3f4124388507228db134d32dbf2060.gif«Electrica МК»
/files/clients/8cc16aeaa0d8d3bbc24abaad504cb7ea.gif«Gorod Instrumenta»
/files/clients/9cc00c6695fe6c9fbf2f3dd828cd57a9.gif«Mir igrushki»
/files/clients/32d03b1abbc88c57293cd2686fdea2b7.gif«Mir Luxa»
/files/clients/b02655874bd0f1da21a3696f8cbc829c.gif«Moscow Uridicheskiy Center»
/files/clients/2101d4fa5b2ff5233cb24f38a258278c.gif«Moy Domashniy Magazin»
/files/clients/fa334272e7a9253ae084eff3335de113.gif«Service ККМ»
/files/clients/54fbb0a3c792955aae12cfacef075d5e.gif«Zona Parketa»
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Заказать интернет-магазин или в чем актуальность такой площадки?
У всех предпринимателей в сфере торговли на слуху эти слова – заказать интернет магазин. За последние четыре года объемы продаж в интернете выросли более чем в два раза.
Стоимость создания интернет-магазина и пакеты услуг
Каждый заказчик должен понимать, что стоимость создания интернет-магазина формируется под влиянием различных факторов. Разработка интернет-ресурса, а тем более онлайн-шопа, требует внушительных затрат времени, средств.
Создать сайт магазин как не трудозатратный способ увеличения капитала
Интернет-технологии сегодня настолько развиты, что создать сайт магазин, который станет инструментом постоянного финансового потока, не составит труда даже начинающему предпринимателю.
Как создать интернет магазин: варианты и возможности
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Working out of a site of the catalogue of company "Promcabel"


The Internet catalogue made for company "Promcabel" kabelno-provodnikovoj production is an effective remedy of attraction of new clients, and also promotes the accelerated and simplified work with the majority of constant customers.


  • Web site design
  • Programming site
  • Filling of the site
  • Support site
  • Advertising site
  • Site promotion
  • Audit of the site
  • Reconstruction of the site



О компании

Company "Promcabel" based in 1994, for almost twenty years' history has proved as the reliable enterprise, capable to provide clients as all necessary goods in the designated terms. Company activity basically is focused on wholesale delivery kabelno-provodnikovoj production and the accompanying goods.

Now "Promkabel", is the official representative of such factories as Open Company "Ribinskcabel", НП "Podolskkabel", Open Society «the Electrocable Kolchuginsky factory», Open Society "Belaruscabel", Open Company «Factory the Autowire», Joint-Stock Company "Ruvinil", Open Society "Sevkabel-holding", Open Society "KAMKABEL", Joint-Stock Company factory "Moscow cable", factory "Electroboard", «VZETI», «IEK», «Legrand», «Schneider Electric», "T-layer", "Uralpak".


About a site

The electronic catalogue of the goods developed for company "Promcabel", possesses unique, thematic, remembered design and is executed in quiet tones. Thus, by means of an original colour score and the characteristic drawing at visitors the impression of the serious, reliable company which up to the mark can always satisfy all commodity requirements of clients is formed.

Creation by experts «SAVsolution» logically structured, multilevel Internet catalogue of the goods incorporating set of groups and subgroups, and also division on a number of parametres, has essentially simplified interaction, both with constants, and with new clients of employees of "Promkabel". Thus developed list of commodity groups is accessible to studying on all pages of a site.

Specially taken out in the top part, large contact phones of the company are well appreciable at first sight to all visitors of the electronic catalogue. Such decision is obligatory for all sites of the companies carrying out active trade, both the goods, and services.

On online to a platform there is a search in production catalogue, allowing to find any commodity name in кротчайший term.

Except other specially for company "Promcabel" site, the system of import of the data is developed for updating of the catalogue of the goods from alternative formats, and also the individual variant of system of the printing version of price-lists is created.

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Reserve individual working out of a site at a discount! Learn all about our special offers!
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